Big Data

In every industry, all market players are talking about collecting Big Data.

Getting the right data and analyzing it to get industry insight such as consumers’ buying trend is now the key to success!

Business Intelligence (BI) tools is the modern data analysis technology platform that help you to analyse your business data efficiently.

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Qlik Sense sets the benchmark for a new generation of analytics. With its one-of-a-kind associative analytics engine, sophisticated AI, and scalable multi-cloud architecture, you can empower everyone in your organization to make better decisions daily, creating a truly data-driven enterprise.

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Visualize Your Business In A New Way

What Does Qliksense Do?


Self-Service Discovery and Visualization

Easily combine, load, visualize and explore your data, no matter how large (or small). Ask any question and follow your curiosity. Search, select, drill down, or zoom out to find your answer or instantly shift focus if something sparks your interest. Every chart, table and object is interactive and instantly updates to the current context with each action.


Interactive Dashboards

Create, share and distribute powerful dashboards to support executives, business leaders, and anyone else that needs to stay on the pulse of the business. Every element is interactive, taking users beyond the static dashboards of the past. With Qlik Sense, dashboards become a powerful jumping-off point to make better, data-driven decisions.


Mobile Analytics

Qlik Sense is built for mobility, with responsive design and touch interaction native to the platform. Easily create and explore analytics, collaborating with your team using any device. Build analytics apps once and they work everywhere.

Qlik Sense - Features

Explore without boundaries

Qlik sense indexes and understands every relationship in your data so you can explore freely in any direction. It’s like x-ray vision, revealing insights you can’t see with query-based BI tools.

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Create analytics faster

Easily combine and load data, create smart visualizations, and drag and drop to build rich analytics apps accelerated by suggestions and automation from AI.

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Let AI amplify your mind

Augmented intelligence enhances human intuition throughout Qlik Sense with suggested insights, automated processes, and natural language interaction.

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Share and go mobile

Stay productive online or offline with fully interactive mobile analytics. Make discoveries, easily collaborate, and take action with data – anywhere, anytime.

Mobility Datasheet >

Build, extend, embed

Develop any analytics you can imagine with a complete set of open APIs and bring them into any app, project, or process with powerful embedded analytics support.

Embedded Analytics >

Scale across the cloud

Easily combine SaaS, hybrid multi-cloud, and on-premise deployment options with the industry’s only true multi-cloud architecture. The choice is yours.

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What Are Some Industry Experts Say About Qliksense?

Paul Hudson

Operations Director


“We can’t get away from the world of data now. We just need to take it to the next level, so we need to drive continuous improvement. It’s all about focusing the resource and the time you’ve got, and Qlik allows you to do that.”

Alieen Zhang

Director of Data Analysis


“We’d identified some factors that are crucial for us, such as high performance, flexibility, usability, capabilities and support. Qlik has very strong computing performance and its unique associative in-memory technology was important to organizations like Lenovo that have huge volumes of complex data.”

Jin Ro

Senior Director of Analytics


“When you’re trying to foster a culture of innovation, being able to experiment and work with the data quickly is an important function. Qlik is our platform that we use to help experiment, learn from it, continue to improve upon it, and ultimately succeed.”

Paul Donnegan

IT Director

Rentokil Initial

“Qlik’s platform will enable Rentokil to gain a new depth of insight from its data and, crucially, empower our front line staff with the latest information and real-time trends, improving productivity. This level of data visualization will be crucial as the company continues to digitize and extend its IoT services.”

Qlik Pricing

Qlik Sense Business

USD 30

per month

SaaS solution to operationalize analytics across groups and teams

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