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Still using excel to calculate your payroll? Staff still using paper form to apply annual leaves? It’s time to change!

In modern business world today, your young talents would to have their HR & Payroll Data accessed digitally via iPad or Mobile Phone!

HReasily is a powerful Cloud-based HR System that can enable the HR Users and Staff Members to access the HR System simultaneously and instantly anytime anywhere with their mobile or laptop device. Unlike traditional HR system, HReasily provide a highly user-friendly interface platform that can use to engage and communicate with the Staff Members effectively

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HReasily Cool Features

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Modern HR Tool

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and manage your team with HReasily.

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Claims on the go

Pay, snap and submit. It's that simple with HReasily claims.

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Payroll that runs itself

Automate payroll and pay your team easily with our user-friendly interface

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HR in your pocket

Access and track your employees on the go with our mobile app

HReasily Cool Features

Employee Directory

A centralised, system of record for your employee data.

Employee On/Offboarding

Automate your on/offboarding process.

Leave Application

Request and manage your leave in a few clicks.

Company Calendar

Track key events- birthdays, leave, etc- on the company calendar.

Employee Self Service

Let employees update HR matters on their own.

Organisation Chart

Find your coworkers and see where they fit in.

Custom Leave Policy

Make your own leave policy as needed.

Performance Management

Manage all goals and configure custom review.

Employee Profiles

Make customised employee profiles that fit your company.

Custom Reporting

Generate custom HR report of your employees.

Leave Report

Export your leave report anytime you’ll need then.

Company Announcement

Post and share company’s announcement with everyone.

Submission by report

Submit your claims by reports, not one by one.

Custom claims policies

Set up different claim types and policies by your company policy.

Employee self service

Let employees track their own claims.

Multi-currency support

Just key-in the expenses incurred and Swingvy will convert the currencies.

Claims approval/decline

Approve employees claims anytime, anywhere.

Comprehensive claims report

Generate claims report for easy tracking and auditing.

Integration with payroll

Sync with Swingvy payroll for seamless payroll process.

Multi-level approver

Design your approval workflow by multi-level approver settings.

Integration with Swingvy HR

Payroll that works together with HR.

Statutory Form Generation

We file all statutory forms on your behalf.

Payroll Report

Reconcile payroll with Swingvy’s prebuilt, standard reporting.

Full-Service Payroll

From payroll calculation to Year End reporting.

Bank Integration

Integrated with major banks, we auto-generate bank files.

Employee Self Service

Allow employees to view payslip and paycheck history.

Onboarding & Proration

Automated proration for new hires.

End of Year Form Generation

Let Swingvy handle all Year End forms.


We help your stay compliant with federal laws.

Employee Directory

Put the whole company at your fingertips – anytime, anywhere.

Review Balances

Quickly view time-off balance before you apply leaves.

Leave Request

Submit a request with a few clicks. It’s that simple.

Company Calendar

Get upcoming events in your company.

Leave History

Check your time-off history with a few swipes and taps on your phone.

Real-time Push Notification

Stay tuned for any notification.


Simple & straight-forward pricing

Premium Package

Functions included
  • E-payroll
  • E-leave
  • Mobile Apps
  • Live chat support
Add-on Function
  • E-Claim
  • Time & Attendance Tracking
  • Facial Recognition System

  • RM6 per employee (monthly)
  • RM2 per employee (monthly)
  • RM6 per employee (monthly)

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