Many people think that Internal Auditor is only required for Public Listed Companies. Not exactly true! In fact our Internal Audit team can do more than that for SMEs business or even for start-up business. If you are looking to streamline your business process, develop standard operating procedures (SOP), or create new company policies, we are here to help you. Check it out our internal audit services:

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Internal Audit Outsourcing Service

(for Public Listed Companies)

With organizations being driven to do more with less, the internal audit (IA) function has become a prime candidate for strategic sourcing. This can include outsourcing the entire function or just certain critical elements. Like many other functions, IA has become highly sophisticated and virtually a business in itself. Achieving effective IA capabilities requires a significant level of investment in skilled resources, methods, training and technical infrastructure.

Co-sourcing or outsourcing internal audit work can reduce costs, free up capital, and enhance your ability to focus on what you do best. It can also provide you with the ability to tap into specific skill sets, industry knowledge and global resources on an ‘as needed’ basis.

Internal Audit

For Companies that looking to move out the entire internal audit function to an outsourced vendor, and focus their time and resources in expanding their business.

Scope Of Works

  • Conduct internal audit as per International standards on internal auditing.
  • Develop annual audit plan, risk assessment, and audit program.
  • Execution of audit plan, including field work and field visits, sample check, data analysis, discussions with auditee.
  • Reporting to management and the audit committee.


  • Convert fixed costs to variable costs.
  • Gain access to highly skilled and experienced professionals.
  • Leverage effective knowledge sharing and thought leadership.
  • Obtain a fresh perspective and an added level of scrutiny.
  • Eliminate internal audit training and recruiting costs.
  • Enjoy greater staffing flexibility, especially as special projects arise.

Internal Audit

For Companies that still wish to maintain it’s in-house audit team, whilst looking to reduce compliance cost.

Scope Of Works

We take instruction from your in-house Internal Audit Management team on:

  • Execution of audit plan, including field work and field visits, sample check, data analysis, discussions with auditee.
  • Reporting audit findings to Internal Audit Head.
  • Perform special audit on new project.


  • Enjoy greater saving compared to hiring a permanent specialist on short-term engagement.
  • Offer greater flexibility to handle special engagement or new project audit.
  • Provide independent view on the audit plan/objective set by in-house audit team.

Additional Services

(for Public Listed Companies)

Today’s the risk that organizations are facing are more sophisticated than ever before. Thanks to advances in information technology and booming growth of social media use, risks travel and multiply faster than ever. In addition, the business landscape is more complex with disruptive technologies and competition.

Control Self-Assessment (CSA)

is a technique that allows managers and work teams directly involved in business units, functions or processes to participate in assessing the organization's risk management and control processes.

Starting from


per control process

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Service

ERM is the process of identifying and addressing methodically the potential events that represent risks to the achievement of strategic objectives, or to opportunities to gain competitive advantage.

Starting from


per company

US Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Services

We assist US-MNC to ensure compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

Starting from


per control process

Operational Audit Service

To improve the overall performance of an organisation and maximise profitability, our staff can offer valuable insights into business process improvement and re-engineering, operational streamlining and cost reduction, and how to implement best practice initiatives.

Starting from


per control process

Internal Audit Service

(for SMEs or Start-up)

In Business, regardless big or small, having a proper internal control system in a key to success!
Our Internal Audit Team can provide value added services to SMEs or Start-up Business in strengthening their internal control environment.

For SME Business

When your business is scaling, the risk of your internal control failure is increasing at the same time. More staff, more products, more branches, etc are the main factors that causing you as the business owner to lose track of your company.

There will be higher risk of fraud, staff stealing, supplier cheating, customer not paying, etc.

To make sure your Company are properly shaped when it’s expanding, we can help you to do something!

Review & Streamline Business Process

We help you to review your existing business process, streamline and benchmark to the industry best practices.


per business process cycle

(for 5 work days)

Develop Standard Operating Procedures (SoP)

When your company is growing, a formal written SOP will help new staff to understand and adhere to the Company's policy and procedures.


per SOP

(for 5 work days)

For Start-up Business

As a start-up entrepreneur, you probably will spend most of your time on your product/services, looking for new customers, etc.

While you do not have time to look after your internal stuff, things might get wrong without you actually knowing it, or your new staff may not know what are the company policies and start asking you each and every question.

This can be quite annoying. No worry, we have some solution for you.

A-Z Company Policy Book

We will provide you a complete set of Company Policy Books (from Finance, HR, Sales, Purchase) and templates that suit your business industry, and we can customize them to fit your business operation.


per policy for selected business cycle

Special Audit Service In Malaysia

Apart from internal audit, we also help business owners to perform special audit based on their business requirements

Financial Due Diligence Audit (For Merger And Acquisition)

If you are looking to acquire another company, we will help you to conduct financial due diligence check to make sure the accounts are in order, and the acquisition price valuation is fair.

Starting from


Sales Audit

For any joint-venture or franchising business, if you have a requirement to conduct special audit on the sales amount, we may help you.

Starting from


F.A.Q on Internal Audit Service

On a general note, external audit focuses on getting your Audited Financial Statement right and accurate; whilst Internal Audit focuses on improving your Company’s internal control environment.

The role of internal audit is to provide independent assurance that an organisation’s risk management, governance and internal control processes are operating effectively.

For public listed companies, internal audit is a mandatory compliance requirement as regulated by the Stock Exchange Listing Rules. You can either set up an in-house internal audit team or outsource to a professional firm.

For SMEs and Start-up businesses, you may engage Internal Auditor to help improving your business processes, setting up standard operating procedures (SOP), developing company policies book, etc.

  • Improves internal control environment of the organization.
  • Identifies & eliminate redundancies in operational and control procedures.
  • Provides recommendations on best practices.
  • Serves as an Early Warning System to detect potential business or control risks.
  • Increases accountability of each department within the organization.

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